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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, The company specializes in attendance at business and family parties, business lunches and dinners, seminars, nutrition, receptions, cocktail parties ... We have a wide assortment of gourmet menus tailored to any limits and well trained staff. We can arrange catering to your employees through your company or departmental bars, canteens, restaurants ... or to deliver certain menus to Your address. The right place! The exact date! At the exact time! And only culinary fabric catalog ... In our work program provided appropriate incentives and discounts ... Large queries annual subscription, Long-term contracts Barter is possible ... At your disposal are our managers and employees to establish contacts and provide full package services "Kris-Catering" in the interest of a dynamic and mutually beneficial long-term satrudnichestvo.Prioritetni for us are primarily your specific wishes and requirements ... Possible orders and fixed limit. We are ready for the principal business meetings in convenient time for you in relation to the diversity of the reins, you are facing: gatherings, corporate catering presentations ... and of course to discuss the possibility of promising business contacts. Our new developments allow us up to 15% - lower prices than those keteringovite companies that operate in the capital ...

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